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In The Footsteps of Burns

Brand creation and website design by Creatomatic

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Literary Tourism in Dumfries

Creatomatic were recently awarded the In The Footsteps of Burns project, to deliver a coherent and co-ordinated narrative of Robert Burns’ life in and around Dumfries.

As part of the Spot-lit Literary Tourism Product Innovation Programme, this project is one of a number of similar ideas to support local businesses in developing new literary tourism products and engaging the region’s many literary assets.

Ellisland Museum and Farm, the main project partner, is one of nine Dumfries and Galloway businesses awarded funding by Wigtown Festival Company to participate in the Spot-lit Literary Tourism Product Innovation Programme.

Spot-lit is part of the EU Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, which aims to grow the literary tourism sector by supporting organisations and businesses in engaging new audiences.

In The Footsteps of Burns



Interpreting the Brief

There were several elements involved in our role in the project:

  • Design and develop a contemporary and appealing brand identity and graphics set, which effectively communicates and appeals to the target audience and family market
  • Design and build a website to bring together all the partners and locations involved in the project, demonstrating the link between them and showcasing Burns’ time spent in and around Dumfries
  • Create a Facebook page in order for the project to engage with the target audience, and also promote the project and various partners to visitors both local and national
  • Design on-brand signage to link the venues

Aimed primarily at young families and children, we wanted to ensure that the branding reflected a fun and educational theme (hence the use of bright colours) while retaining the traditional and well-recognised Burns silhouette.

Whilst focusing on the target market, we were also aware that there may be people interested in elements of the trail (such as walkers, cyclists or those with a historical interest) who may not have children. So whilst we wanted it to be bright and eye catching, we didn’t want it to appear too ‘childish’.

The combination of the two help to convey the educational element of the Bard’s history which, combined with the colours, make an eye-catching graphic that appeals to children and adults alike.




The ‘In the Footsteps of Burns’ website showcases Robert Burns’ life in and around Dumfries, using images from the archives and crisp, clean photography to give visitors an insight into the poet’s life.

With detailed information on the attractions and partners involved, visitors can plan their trip accordingly. There is also a ‘Things To Do’ section on the website which provides trails and tours for visitors, should they wish to explore in more detail.

“What a great bit of work, thanks to you and the team for creating such an innovative site and one that should have longevity with all partners working together.”




On Time

Project delivered on time and within budget

Target Audience

Combining educational and historical elements to appeal to the target audience

Mobile Friendly

Allowing visitors to navigate the site on the move

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