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Best Employers Winners

This week we were both humbled and gratified to be the recipients of two CX Projects Business Awards at their annual prize-giving ceremony.

Kit Allen


Topping up the Trophy Cabinet

Creatomatic picked up the ‘Overall Winner’ trophy as well as the ‘Best Employer’ award – a great honour indeed.

The ‘Best Employers’ is one that’s particularly gratifying to us at Creatomatic.

Creatomatic award winners

Ever since our inception, James & I have put a great deal of emphasis into attracting, building and, most importantly keeping, the best team we can.  From the offset we’ve banged the drum for Living Wage, operated complete company transparency, and mutual respect between all staff.  We’ve both worked in too many places in the past where walls exist between each tier of a company, and we remain as determined as ever to work as a team on equal terms.

In short, our ethos has always been to treat clients and team members with equal respect (aside from Chris, of course – he deserves, and receives, nothing but scorn and disdain). And while it’s been hard work, it’s been worth it: we’ve gelled a small team of superb and extremely professional designers and developers. This allows us to punch well above our weight and pull in an impressive roster of clients from around the UK.


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