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Giving a little back for Christmas

James Miodonski


This year, we decided to break with tradition in Creatomatic HQ

In lieu of our usual frivolous Secret Santa, we each selected a charity and made a donation to it.

Here’s our list for 2016:

Kit – Red Cross in Aleppo.

If you’ve been keeping in touch with current events you’ll know that the situation out there is pretty heartbreaking at the moment, and the Red Cross are working to protect civilians in the heart of a bloody conflict.
– Learn more at

James H – The Ocean Cleanup.

This project is a beautiful bit of blue-sky thinking. Using autonomous technology powered by ocean currents, they reckon they can harvest 50% of the Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years.
– Learn more at

Chris and Paul – Cancer Research.

One of the top charities in the country, Cancer Research has saved literally millions of lives with 40 years of research and progress.
– Learn more at

James M – Kate’s Kitchen.

A local charity based just round the corner from us in Annan, Kate’s Kitchen runs a drop-in café and support hub for homeless and vulnerable people in the community. A brilliantly worthy wee organisation that deserves real support.
– Learn more at

All – First Base Agency, Dumfries.

Finally, we also matched everyone’s donation with a company donation to the First Base Agency in Dumfries. The team have helped more people than ever get through difficult times during 2016, and need all the support they can get – we’re more than happy to put our collective shoulders behind them.
– Learn more at

Side note – We’re aware that this sounds fairly sanctimonious, so please be aware that we balanced this with a team go-karting session on Friday (Chris won), followed by curry and beers down in Carlisle. No donations necessary!

Have a great Christmas and New Year, folks

Kit, James H, James M, Chris & Paul

Team Creatomatic x


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