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How time flies

Spring 2012 – a little over 5 years ago. Kit & I met up with a cocky, spotty young oik in Kings Coffee Shop, Dumfries, for a cuppa.

James Miodonski


At the end of that initial meeting, we asked how he fancied a bit of a leap of faith; jacking in his steady, stable full-time job to join a skint-but-well-meaning pair of chancers who had grand plans of setting up a new, local design agency.

Five years later, that same lad’s been through thick & thin with us, growing into ‘Oor Chris’ and firmly holding court at the core of pretty much everything that goes on around these parts. While Team Creatomatic has gradually and steadily grown in size round about him he’s still, more often than not, the person many clients continue to ask for by name.

It’s to our immense pride then, that Team Creatomatic – all 6 & a bit of us these days – are spending tomorrow helping the wee man celebrate his big day as he’s due to be married to the lovely & gorgeous Gemma.

Don’t worry, we’re well aware that he’s punching hugely above his modest weight.


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