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Gutenberg for WordPress is coming.

You might be prompted to install Gutenberg on your Creatomatic WordPress website. We recommend that you don’t…yet. Here’s why.

Kit Allen


December 2018: We’re live, folks. Read our WordPress 5.0 blog post here.

A major change is coming with the next release of WordPress in the form of a brand new editor platform. Named Gutenberg – after the founder of movable print, widely held as the key player behind the Printing Revolution in the 1400s – it looks like it may be equally as disruptive to our content management platform of choice.

Given that 31% of the internet now runs on WordPress, this isn’t a minor thing.

If you’ve logged into your WordPress dashboard in the previous week or so, you may have seen this notice on your dashboard:

Gutenberg for WordPress prompt in WordPress dashboard

This is part of WordPress’s drive to move developers and users into adoption of the new system. The presumption here is that users will adapt to the new editor early, and developers will, in turn, move to support the new editor in future sites.

However. Here at Creatomatic, we’re of the opinion that the system is, in the words of the great Grolsch advert, Not Ready Yet. Here’s why:

So – in short, we would recommend that you hold off integrating the plugin for the moment, and dismiss the dashboard notification right now.

If you’ve already jumped ahead and installed it – and are suffering buyers remorse – don’t panic! Just go to Plugins; find ‘Gutenberg’; and click ‘Deactivate’. It won’t cause any harm to the system in any case.




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